“I’m Hungry” is an exciting new show that combines cooking with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. AR lets people see and interact with digital things as if they were in the real world. With special facial tracking tools from FILT3R technology, cooks can transform into their digital selves and take us on amazing culinary adventures. It’s like a big step into a world where cooking shows tell stories in amazing new ways.

Think of AR as a magical layer of information – like words, pictures, or sounds – that can appear over what we see in real life. This AR cooking show isn’t just about recipes; it’s a whole new way of learning and being together in the kitchen – open to everyone, everywhere.

We’re just starting to see what FILT3R technology can do. It’s like when movies were first invented; we went from simple flickering images to the immersive experiences we have today. “I’m Hungry” is designed to be a spark, to show us the beginnings of how food and learning about it could look in the future.

The show is a series of 10 short episodes that can be seen on the web, with this fun animated ape, Pancho Poppins, teaching young apes and others how to cook. Pancho comes from a collection of cartoon apes known as the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which are unique, collectible digital pictures that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

The creators, Sandman and Jennifer English, are passionate about community and sharing. They want “I’m Hungry” to be a place where everyone can learn and have fun with food, using the same values that make the Internet, and specifically web3, special – like being open for everyone and having a shared community space.

So “I’m Hungry” invites us all to a big, future-thinking food celebration, teaching us about cooking and sharing in a bright phygital (physical + digital) future. Everyone’s invited to this table, and everyone is the guest of honor.

Welcome to “I’m Hungry” – a fun, educational journey into the future of food and cooking!

Pancho Poppins

Chef / Founder

Little Fella

Chief Tasting Officer

Jene Poppins

Chief Culinary Officer