Pancho’s Poppin Foods

Because an Ape’s Gotta Eat. Presenting Pancho’s Poppin Foods. 

Pancho’s Poppin Foods Presents a Premium line of Signature Recipe Quick Serve Meals, Frozen Specialty Food Products, Salty Snacks & Confections.  

Pancho’s Poppin created a line to satisfy the cravings of every Ape with Pop In Your Mouth Ease and, Craveworthy Taste in partnership with the most acclaimed and successful Chef’s in the world. 

Pancho’s Poppin Delivers meals, comfort, nutrition and quality in the very finest quality an Ape can find. Because Pancho Poppins  lovingly prepares every bite with the finest ingredients from signature, secret family recipes, these are guaranteed to  Satisfy the Cravings of the most discerning.  

Pancho’s Poppin is cooking up new, exciting ideas, and believes that our “Ape Certified” recipe for success is built on an unwavering commitment to quality, a lasting passion for great food and fun. This, Pancho believes, is the short route to satisfaction and success for the entire Ape community. 

Pancho’s Poppin has created A premium menu in collaboration with award-winning food manufacturers using functional ingredients with top taste, and a unique provenance offering sustainably produced, responsibly sourced and lovingly made by Pancho Poppins (BAYC #7217), with Little Fella (BAKC #6321) as his Chief Tasting Officer.

Pancho Poppins – Founder
Little Fella – Chief Tasting Officer